Friday, March 1, 2013

Yarn Before Underwear

Yet again, my lack of organization astounds me. Life gets busy, I get disorganized, stuff gets put aside till the last minute. My life is run thusly.

Yes, I said, "thusly."

We're escaping to the mountains this weekend, and while we only planned it about a week ago, I still feel like I should have gotten my stuff together sooner. I mean, I've only just put some underwear into a travel bag. And what did I do before I did that?

I planned my travel knitting, what else?

I hope to finish up my Rosamund's Cardigan and find some buttons for it while I am away. I've also packed some yarn in the hopes that I can start knitting Stephen West's Earth and Sky. It's a pattern I keep coming back to again and again in my pattern searches, and I think it's about time I knitted it. It means that I will finally make use of a skein of Fleece Artist and Viola Silky DK that I've had stashed for a while, and dkzack sold me a skein of Sunshine Yarns Classic Sock in a chocolate brown colour that helped me make the decision to knit it.

Meanwhile, I think Rascal is trying to make a statement about my disorganization. I came home yesterday and flung my stuff on the floor next to his bed. My lunchbox must have landed in it, blocking his ability to relax properly in the kitchen. And well... I guess he figured that if my stuff was going to take over his space, he had a right to put his toys in my tote bag...

Point taken, pup. I got it...


YarnKettle said...

Sounds like you have your priorities straight. Yarn takes careful consideration and due diligence. Underwear just is. As long as you have a spare you're good. Yarn is what is really important.

AdrieneJ said...

I knew you'd understand. :)