Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Inspiration Mondays on a Tuesday: What the Hat Did

So, I like hats. This is a relatively new interest. I especially like vintage hats... classy, clean lines, made by people, not machines. Recently, I spied this hat on Etsy, and decided that I had had a bad enough day that I deserved it. It arrived the other day, and I was happy.

I turned it over and was pleasantly surprised to see the pink ribbon inside. So sweet, such a nice little surprise:

Then I noticed something else... The inside had been altered. The stamp was folded. Someone had altered the hat to fit a smaller head. And THAT blew me away. Someone altered a hat. A HAT. And that got me thinking...

I've been going through my things, sorting, dumping, packing, saving, and I came across this fabric I bought at a sari shop during a visit to my friend in Vancouver last summer. It came in a package of fabric. This piece was easily three yards in length. If you look carefully, you can see that it is studded with tiny gold flecks.

It came with a lining. I have no idea of the fibre content, but both pieces are silky, flowy and cool to the touch. And all together, it was less than $10. I can't remember exactly how much... maybe $7.99... But I knew I loved it, and it was a good deal, and that I could probably make a skirt out of it, even though I had no idea how I'd do that.

But when I saw the hat alteration, I knew anything was possible. So, I did some searching, and found this video:

And then I got up, went over to my sewing machine, and made this skirt:

And I even went all fancy and made a slit at the back.

It's not perfect. There are crooked seams, and I still have to trim some of the threads. But it's a skirt, inspired by the ingenuity of the hat alteration. I did it because I knew it was possible.

Next challenge: altering this vintage top I got from the same Etsy shop. It's too short, but I'm thinking I could cut it down the middle and make a bolero jacket. Brave? Yeah. But that hat made me do one new thing already. We'll see what it'll make me do next...


YarnKettle said...

Oooo that skirt is beautiful, oh and the hat too. I'm sure you will make something lovely out of your latest find.
By the way no one sees the crooked seams unless you point them out, so don't worry, you made something lovely.

AdrieneJ said...

Thank you! Now all I need is the weather to be warm enough to wear it!