Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Baby Steps

I feel as though I have emerged from a dark cave into the sunshine. My eyes are still adjusting to the sights and sounds of our new home here on the West Coast, and my mind is still catching on to the fact that I've left so much behind. Rascal, however, seems to be right on track.

Our journey here took two days of driving, about seven hours the first day, and about five hours the next, plus a two-hour car ferry ride. We arrived exhausted, especially because the hubby caught a stomach bug two days before our departure, and I was still recovering from the whirlwind of my last work week. Our landlord greeted us, showed us around the house, then left us to stand and look at each other, blinking with bewilderment at our landing.

Since then, I've been exploring. I've found a few coffee shops and sampled the wares of at least one of the local bakeries. I bought some garlic and ginger and a couple of herb plants at the farmer's market. And I've crawled through a couple of antique shops, one of which had this little ring dish that I felt was too sweet to leave behind.

During the walk to the gym this afternoon to get my membership, I spied these poppies growing next to the sidewalk. There is nothing to show scale, but each blossom was about the size of my cupped hand.

What else... I went for a beautiful run yesterday morning and discovered a trail bordered by enormous cedars and sycamores. I've found paths teeming with wild blackberry plants, all with buds getting ready to burst into fruit. I found the local leisure centre and went for an early morning swim. We walked the local marina last night and found out about the special seafood dinners they serve throughout the summer. I've been making light dinners to soothe the hubby's healing digestive tract. And we've been learning when the garbage/recycling/compost pick up days are, and where/who/when to talk to about all the important moving-your-life-elsewhere stuff.

Oh, and I made this for lunch: grilled tofu marinated in rice wine vinegar, low sodium soy sauce and cumin, served over fresh cucumbers and red pepper. Very West Coast, no?

I also made these this afternoon, which are currently in the freezer: Peanut Butter Protein Bars. I used chocolate protein powder, and if the bowl scrapings are anything to go by, it might be a bit of a struggle not to eat them all at once. I'm trying to add more protein into my diet, and every little delicious bit helps!

And knitting? Well, hmm...

I've barely touched my current project over the last week or so. My weary eyes just couldn't focus on it long enough to give it the attention it deserves. I've also learned that, since the movers took our furniture last week, I really don't feel like knitting without a comfortable seat. I'm currently sitting on one of my foam blocking boards, which is passable for typing on the laptop, but not great for indulging in yarny relaxation. Let's not even speak about the wonders of sleeping on an air mattress...

However, the movers should be here tomorrow with our things, and perhaps then I shall feel more at home in this new place. Despite my delight at being here, loneliness and anxiety about the decision to come here lurk in the background. Daily to-do lists seem to keep them at bay, and perhaps once I have found a routine, I can feel a bit more like myself.

Right now, I'm grateful for the friends who have given me words of encouragement, despite their sadness at my departure. I'm also grateful for my current situation that finds me with no obligations at the moment. It's a strange feeling, but it is serving me well right now. I'm hoping I can take advantage of it to get some of my yarn mojo back.

Oh, and next time, I'll share my new yarn closet!


Anonymous said...

nice to hear from all of you.we already miss the walks of seeing all of you are special to us.we hope each new day makes you stronger, wiser,and enjoy your day with peace. by the way remember to BREATHE.


YarnKettle said...

Welcome back!!
Enjoy this time of no obligations. Exploring a new place is great, but it always seems to be tempered with missing the old place. Happy and sad at the same time.
I hope your belongings arrive safely.