Monday, July 22, 2013

Inspiration Mondays: An Invitation to Share

We had a wander around the Nanaimo Sea Walk this weekend. As we walked along the path, I came across this bench:

It was such a beautiful invitation that I sat for a moment and I felt a little bit of the peace that Margo felt. How lovely that she asked me not to just remember her, but that she was able to share a little bit of her feelings with me. Thank you, Margo.

I invite you to find a place to sit somewhere near you that gives you the opportunity to open yourself to a little bit of peace inside. Perhaps you can tell me where you went down in the comments below, so we can share it together. Be well.


nursenikkiknits said...

I sat out on the deck beside the home that has been in my husband's family for over 100 years in Nova Scotia. As I thought about all those who had pondered this gorgeous ocean view before me, I decided that if we all could wake up to the sounds of the birds and the waves everyday, the world would surely be a happier place. Thank you Margo and Adriene for this peaceful moment.

Mark Aguilar said...

My favourite place is a special place within a park. The park itself is in a busy area near a highway and the park hosts many trees kinda like a forest. Not a lot of people know about it since you have to walk and climb many hills and look for paths you don't see from afar. When you reach the place there is an abandoned picnic table near a little stream and it's good to just sit there and listen to nature. :)

AdrieneJ said...

That sounds lovely. I sat outside at the picnic table at work today, and it felt good just to close my eyes and feel the sunshine on my face. It's interesting where we find these peaceful moments.

AdrieneJ said...

It's an interesting feeling when we consider those that occupied a space before we did. I should do it more often!