Monday, September 2, 2013

Inspiration Mondays: Di Nuovo, Con Spirito

I took piano lessons as a child, and throughout high school and well into my university years, I played many instruments. I sang at weddings, played the piano and organ for church, accompanied many singers on stage. Music was a big part of my life, and still is to a degree. Every so often, my musical theory pops back into my brain. I'm sure I heard a bird sing in an augmented fourth the other day, for example. He would have gotten a D in my theory class...

I got a little surprise when I looked out at my little garden this morning: my one little strawberry plant, which I thought had finished fruiting for the year, was showing off a little white blossom. When I looked more closely, I saw that there are at least three more blossoms coming. What a way to squeeze a little more out of the summer.

And the first thing I thought of was the musical term: di nuovo, con spirito.

Once more, with feeling.

My new workmates are good at this: squeezing out just a little more effort, a little more kindness, a little more patience, even when they have worked all day, sometimes for twelve hours in the bush, sometimes after twenty-one days on shift. They come in, and they give me a smile, no drama, no tantrums. And it inspires me to try hard to do the same.

That also reminds me of another musical term: a bene placito. You play your piece, and as you get to this section, you are instructed that this part is "up to the performer..."

As are most things in life... Bravo!

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