Monday, October 7, 2013

Inspiration Mondays: What Orville Can Do

I can't find any training plans for 95-year olds, so I make up my own. I lift weights and run three times a week at a track, doing 25 minutes of intervals.
--- Orville Rogers, 95, holder of six world records and the fastest times for men ages 95 to 99 in the 3000m, the mile, 800m, 400m, 200m and the 60-metre dash
 Image from Runner's World

I read about this guy in a side column of an issue of Runner's World I picked up a few weeks ago. Inspiration? Come on. This guy is amazing.
  1. He's 95.
  2. He's running at 95.
  3. He's breaking records at 95.
  4. He runs intervals for longer than I do. And I'm a third(ish) of his age.
But more than that: I think what's most inspiring about him is that he just keeps going. He's learned that he can do anything... all the things a 95-year old is not supposed to be able to do.

That means I can do anything, too. I can run, jump, swim, knit, sew, cook, dance, read, nap, meet new people, be by myself, close out the world when I need to and open the window to it as well. And I'm fortunate enough to be somewhere where I can do all of those things freely, without penalty, and without judgement.

I'm off to get my gym stuff ready for tomorrow morning. I've 30 minutes on the treadmill to do, 15 minutes of which are intervals.

Maybe I'll do 16 minutes...

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