Saturday, December 7, 2013

I've Never Had a Macaroon

I like to think I'm an adventurous eater. I've been heard saying the words, "I'm Asian. I eat most things." And it's true. I've consumed many food items. I am a professional eater of the things most people will not eat.

But I've never had a macaroon.

I've been intrigued by macaroons since I read the play, "A Doll's House" by Henrik Ibsen back in high school. What were these things Nora had such a craving for?

It was only a few years ago (possibly through the wonders of the internet, I can't remember) that I finally saw what a macaroon looked like. The opportunity to try one has never really presented itself (I've always found myself too full or restricting my diet at the time or something like that). They've been too much on the periphery of my imagination when it came to looking for something new to bake, and since I'd never had one, how would I know I'd done a good job?

And so, the only macaroons I've ever had were these ones... sweet little stitch markers that I purchased from Etsy from this shop a few weeks ago:

And while I was at it, I purchased these Oreo stitch markers. I've eaten enough Oreos to know that I'm better off having these in my house than having a bag of real ones. The real ones rarely last a day...

And while I was doing that, I thought I'd better purchase these penguin stitch markers... because, as much as I've never had a macaroon, I have also never had a penguin with a scarf on. Truly. I have not.

So, perhaps while my life without macaroons continues on, at least my supply of stitch markers is not wanting.

Ironically, just after these stitch markers arrived, I embarked on a project that uses needles that are far too large for these stitch markers, a herringbone cowl that I wrote about here. So, while I am finally in possession of these little sweeties, I have yet to enjoy them.The universe seems to be conspiring to keep me away from macaroons.

Oh universe, how you mock me.

The only thing for it is for me to buckle down and finish this project so I can finally get to know macaroons... to finally meet my destiny and be united with these precious little desserts.

Overly dramatic? Me? Never. I better shut up now and get knitting.

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YarnKettle said...

What cute stitch markers.
You just keep on knitting till you can use them, they'll be there waiting for you.