Sunday, August 3, 2014

Built for Comfort, Not for Speed

"What do you do, Adriene? Do you go home and lock yourself in your house each day?"

Someone asked me that last weekend. He'd asked me if we'd been to this place yet, that place, the other place, and I said no to most... no, not yet.

The question has echoed in my mind since then. When people ask me questions like that, I immediately start to feel insecure. I wonder: What do I do with my time anyway? I should be doing all of these things, going to all of these places, devouring as much life as I possibly can...

But maybe not.

I live a pretty quiet life. I don't party anymore... maybe on the rare occasion at a wedding or get-together, but being an early-riser means that I'm ready for bed at 9:00pm. My favourite weekends are the ones with no plans, no obligations. And while there are a lot of places on this Island I haven't visited yet, all of the unknown little nooks and crannies I have stumbled upon have delighted me enough to be deeply satisfied with that for now, like this place:

And this place, where if you look up, you see purple martins nesting above:

And this place, where there is a bench...

... and if you glance at the panel under the bench , you see this:

And this place, which I saw from the air yesterday as the hubby flew us over the water for a daytrip on the mainland:

All I want right now are quiet moments to sit with my knitting. I've been finding them in the few minutes before the gym opens in the morning, sitting in my car, watching the sunrise, working a few stitches before they unlock the doors and I lug myself in for an hour of sweating.

All I want right now are moments to have my mind to myself, to watch the breeze pass through the trees, or to sit on my yoga mat... that is, when it is unoccupied.

And while it's not an exciting life, it's the one I prefer. And others are entitled to do what they want with their time, but right now, right here, as I sit outside with my laundry, enjoying the warm weather, I am content. I may not be there for all of the bang and flash of the fireworks, but I think I'm made more for the snap of the firewood, and the warmth of the sunshine.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

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YarnKettle said...

If you are content and happy that is all that matters. Yes, bang and flash is good for some people but they last only for an instant. You, however have discovered how long a moment can truly be.

Enjoy your moments as I know you will. Give Rascal a head scratch for me.