Monday, September 22, 2014

Inspiration Mondays: A Bit of Cake

“If you wait for a cake to be given to you so you will be happy- then you will be happy when someone gives you a cake. But if you buy a cake (or bake one) for yourself so you will be happy, you have found the way of happiness.”
― C. JoyBell C.
I've worked in unhappy places. It is a sad fact that sometimes, whether you realize it at the time or not, unhappiness begets happiness. It made me sad. I would much prefer that the people around me were happy.

So one day, I went home and made a bunch of cake. Brownies, I think. A couple of pans, with thick, chocolatey icing, all made from scratch. And I put them in the sign-in room with a sign that said, "from Adriene."

And then people were in a good mood, even if it was just for a little while. And for a little while, it felt nice. And I felt nice, because it was nice to see people with smiles on their faces for a change.

A good piece of cake reminds me of my dear friend, Sarah, who used to wiggle in her seat when she was eating something good. And I remember her sitting one day, wiggling in her seat and smiling, and I said, "You seem happy."

And she said, "I was just thinking about some cake I had at break time today."

I smile at that memory, every time.

Today, quite simply, I am inspired by cake. I make it occasionally, never just for myself, but to share. And, corny as it is, cake tastes way better when it's shared...

... as are many things, like:

  • talent
  • kindness
  • knowledge
  • beauty
  • etc.
So, I made some lavender and nectarine tea cakes this evening, and I'll be sharing them. I had two tonight, and man, are they good. And I can't wait to share them.

Happy Monday.

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