Sunday, September 14, 2014

Racing the Dark

For the first time in a while, my eyes are set on a knitting goal. I want to knit this: Mehndi, by Susan Pandorf. I've wanted to make it for a long time now.

And I want to knit it with this:

And the problem is: winter is coming. And that means it's going to get dark soon.

Black yarn + lack of light = what the heck am I thinking?

My monogamous knitting habits are holding me back here. I am determined to finish my current project before I move on. I was hoping it would be finished by now, but let's face it: 900ish yards of laceweight yarn is no quick project, even if I am using a crochet pattern. I'm now at the point that I dread whenever I make a crescent-shaped shawl: the omg-this-row-is-taking-forever point. It is as geometry dictates: the longer the radius, the longer the circumference. Circumference = pi times diameter.

Funny how math class comes back to you sometimes.

I feel kinda bad rushing to the end of my current project, but I am looking forward to seeing it finished. I keep getting glimpses of what it will look like when it is blocked when I hold it up and let the weight of the bamboo yarn pull it down. It's pretty handy to be able to get a blocking preview.

And Cuddle McCuddleson ain't helping the cause here. He's insisting I sit here instead of getting up to find my project:

Anyway, my sudden desire to make this was brought about by the purchase of a dress a couple of weeks ago. It's red, and it's lovely and I want to wear it for Christmas, but it has cap sleeves and I know that I will feel both exposed and cold without some kind of cover. It's September now. I figure that, given my current project-finishing rate, it is probable that I will have it ready by then.

If I don't go blind knitting it, that is.

Right, better shut up and get working. As soon as I can get up here...

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