Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sleepy Sunday

The last week seems to be a bit of a blur to me. I honestly can't remember where the week went. All I know is that I've managed to have an hour-long nap both yesterday and today, and I feel like I could easily go to bed at 8:00pm again tonight.

It might be because I finished my busy week with the first Friday night volleyball session of the season. Lots of fun, but man I laughed way too much...

It might also be because of the cool, rainy weather we're having, which always makes me drowsy.

It might be because I got up this morning to hit the gym, since it'll be closed tomorrow for Thanksgiving here in Canada.

However, it's mostly because I'm anxious about my little Rascal.

Rascal is doing so-so right now. He got through his last course of medication relatively well, but the mass appears has appeared to have moved a bit, and it is now pressing against his sciatic nerve. He can't feel his back left leg very well, and so he's hopping around on three legs. Despite this, he's in good spirits. He seems to have adapted to this new hopping gait very well: he pushes off with his right back leg and propels himself forward, and occasionally, his bad leg joins in, so he looks like a rabbit bopping along the road. He insists on going as fast as he can, until he reaches the end of the block and needs to have a rest. He is sometimes restless at night, which means that we're all constantly waking up to see what he's up to. It's probably why I'm so tired this weekend, even if it has been mostly the hubby who has been getting up to check on him. He's going for an ultrasound soon, and so hopefully we'll know more about what is going on in there.

In the meantime, there hasn't been much knitting going on. I just haven't had the head to work on my current project, which is quite chart-heavy and would require some actual concentration. Despite it being a holiday tomorrow, I'm getting on a plane at noon for a work trip and won't be home again until Thursday night. I thought I'd make a batch of these oatmeal snacks today. I usually have one each day at work for a snack, and even though I probably won't take them along for this work trip, today was the only day I really had time to make them. I tweaked the recipe a bit (as usual), as I didn't have any flax seed, but I did have chia seeds and hemp hearts. I skipped the cinnamon, but I think I hit it right on the nail by adding some dutch cocoa and dried cranberries. They're proper hippy snacks now, and tease me if you like, but they're darn good.

I also took the time to take some proper photos of the bamboo shawl I was blocking last weekend. It's a pretty little crochet project, if I do say so myself:

I will also say that it's somewhat awkward to wear. I have no idea really how I am going to use this thing, but maybe my confusion is fuelled by the cool, rainy weather we're currently having. I put this camisole on to model it, and despite my smile, I was not all that warm wearing it. I guess I'll be saving this one for next summer:

Meanwhile, I'm off to finish packing for my trip. I'm thinking that I'm best not taking along a complicated charted lace project, but I might be able to crank out the pair of fingerless mitts that I've been wanting to make for a while. I'm going to just go simple with it, perhaps using Abi Gregorio's Peekaboo Mitts, and then embroidering some little flowers on the back. Simple ribbing, straight stockinette, and easy thumb gusset might mean I'll at least have the mitts done by the end of the week.

And THEN I'm taking off for the following weekend for a little cottage holiday at Cowichan Bay. I can't wait: it'll be a quiet weekend next to the woodburning stove with the hubby and puppy, some takeout food from the local fish and chippy, and hopefully some good knitting... and maybe a trip to the nearby yarn shop! Am I wishing my life away? Nah. Just keeping my eyes on pleasant thoughts.

But maybe I'll have another nap first. Yawn...

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