Monday, November 10, 2014


Turns out that I am one of those lame people who call in sick the day before a statutory holiday.

But like, I really am sick. I thought I could head it off at the pass, get lots of rest at the first sign of weakness, do my usual bath-footscrub-yoga thing to get it out of my system. I fought it all weekend, stayed home and nursed myself with lots of tea and hot baths, But I awoke this morning feeling like I COULD go to work, but that I would deeply regret it if I did. So, I'm home, one day before a mid-week holiday, feeling guilty as heck, but glad that I didn't go out to spread the germs.

It's a blessing and a curse, really. I go hard at life, from dawn till dusk, exercise, work, cooking, stretching, then sleeping. My yarn projects and creativity, and thus, this blog, have all been taking a back seat. It's a bad sign when I'm not here. It means that I'm somewhere planning my life away.

So, my body seems to have dragged me kicking and screaming back to myself, at the cost of a lot of tea and tissues (Seriously, I'm on my last box. This is not going to be pretty.).

I thought I felt good enough to drive down the three blocks to the tire maintenance shop and get the tires re-torqued. And you know what? It is not a good idea to drive when you've got a headcold that gives you sudden sneezing fits, even if it is only three blocks away.

I felt sorry enough for myself to go to the store and buy myself some treats at the corner store:

And, in case you didn't know: marshmallows have a tendency to alight at an alarming rate when you try to toast them over a candle. Don't ask me how I know that. I'm not sure if there's an insurance company in the world that would cover you for accidental marshmallow blazes.

So, while I've been at home, when I haven't been setting marshmallows on fire, I've been taking naps, drinking tea, doing a bit of work from home, doing some knitting, and napping some more. And during one of my wakeful moments, I was putting away some of the clothes that have been strewn around the house, and noticed that I seem to have amassed a great number of black clothing:

... which inspired me to go find a bit of colour to wear with them. And so I put on a pair of my most brightly coloured socks and put them on in defiance of all the black (and yeah, I know I've got black leggings on as well):

And then I dug out this hemp scarf I knitted a couple of years go, which has been languishing in a basket because it's just a bit too short and skimpy for wear. I sewed some buttons on, and declared myself useful before I lay down for another nap:

Probably the best result of this cold is that I've managed to sit down to work on my Mehndi scarf. I've finished one side of it, and now that I'm starting on the second side, it feels familiar and simple enough to be able to work steadily on it, even while I'm sniffling through a cold. Perhaps it will get finished before Christmas after all:

Ok, that's enough babbling. Brain is telling me to go rest for a while. Keep warm and sanitized, my friends.

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