Sunday, January 18, 2015

Suggestions, Anyone?

In 2010, I knitted this sweater:

It's Tikru's Green Gable Hoodie, from Vogue Knitting, Fall 2008. It is a lovely sweater, and I fiddled with the design of it to make it into a zippered hoodie, rather than a pullover. It is warm and pretty, and one of my favourites...

Except a couple of years after that, I lost a bunch of weight and it doesn't fit.

This is one of those times that I regret the modifications and experiments I do with my projects. It's not that I wouldn't alter this thing (as I've done before with other sweaters that became too large for me), but it's all the fancy-shmancy doodle-dee-doos I put into this that is making alteration impossible. I removed the zipper to see if it could do it, but the prognosis is not looking good.

This is the first (and I think, the only) sweater that I worked short rows into to shape the bust. It worked out great at the time, but now that my bust is somewhat... lesser... in volume, the fabric just hangs with the two lower edges pointing downwards. I just can't figure out how to adjust it to make it fit.

And no, before you say it, I will not give it to you. You give me something that took you 60 hours to make, and then maybe we'll talk. Ahem...

I'm not opposed to leaving it the size that it currently is, but I do need some kind of suggestion for a new fastening to keep it closed. I can't leave it hanging, because the neckline is so wide that it slides off my shoulders with any arm movement more vigorous than a wave.

I thought about wrapping it around my waist and perhaps making a matching belt to tie it shut, but the points at the bottom are wrecking that for me, as are the pockets, which were a clever addition at the time of knitting, but are now just bulky inconveniences.

Perhaps a couple of looped buttons at the top? Or a clasp? Or... what?

I'll have to think on it a bit longer, but I've been holding this for so long that I'm determined to get some wear out of it before the weather gets too warm. I went through a brief period of wanting to cut it up to make it into a laptop sleeve or something. Good thing my fear of steeking and my general laziness pushed me out of that mood, otherwise this would be a very different blogpost...

I'd be asking for drink suggestions instead!

We're off for a quick vacation to California later this week, so you never know... I might find inspiration there.  Feel free to comment below - I'd love some ideas!


nursenikkiknits said...

I like the idea of a clasp. A metal one would look lovely with that colourway. Have a great trip!

YarnKettle said...

I agree with Nursenikkiknits, a clasp help with your problem.

studiokara said...

Congrats on the weight-loss, but not on the sweater loss! Would you ever consider frogging the friends and reassembling?

I live in California! I hope you have fun here!

studiokara said...

Fronts, not friends! Ha ha! Darned auto-correct!
Also, if you have time, would you mind if I asked you a few questions about sleeve cap shaping? I've got correct stitch gauge but not correct row gauge for my sweater project, Slade? I'm on Ravelry as Kjdknits
Ok, have a great time in California!

AdrieneJ said...

I'll send you a,message on Ravelry.