Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Problem with Miracles

I discovered yesterday that my wallet was missing. I realized it just as I was leaving the house to head into town to get the car serviced and to do some shopping. I have back up credit cards stashed away, and I grabbed those on my way out the door while my brain frantically searched through the previous 24 hours until I figured out what had likely happened. I'm pretty sure I must have left it behind at a coffee shop the previous morning.

It's a humbling thing to lose your wallet... a humbling and upsetting thing. I think I've only done it once before, and after cancelling my credit and debit cards, I found it again in my bedroom, stashed under my pillow, of all places. This time, I have not been so lucky, but at least it is relatively simple to cancel cards and check transaction records to ensure nothing is amiss. I lost a bit of cash (I almost never have cash - it figures now would be the time to lose the wallet), but I think I'm more upset that I made such a blunder. I did go back and ask if it had been turned in, and I've called a couple of times since, hoping for a miracle. Nope.

Stupid coffee... tripping me up. 

I had a disturbing dream last night: I dreamed that Rascal came back. I went around telling everyone what a miracle it was. And when I woke up, I was so sad.

That's the thing about miracles: they're not really things you can depend on.

I had lots of time to muse about these things during my run this morning. I counted the losses: the cash, and the fee to replace my driver's license... and even my Rascal. But apart from that, I am intact... and still lucky.

Lucky enough to go to Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island last week:

... and lucky enough to see another spring:

After my run, I came home and cut up the energy bars I made yesterday:

And then I made some almond and blueberry muffins while I mused a little longer:

I thought about the person that must have my wallet... and maybe I won't ever like that thought, but I hope that person enjoyed the cash. And if they used it to go on a bender, I hope they emerged from that and figured out how to move forward a bit.

Today, I'm grateful to have my home and my family and the time and space for my creative projects. Tonight, I'm working on using up the rest of the Fleece Artist yarn leftover from the hat I made a couple of weeks ago. I'm using Bristol Ivy's Sallah, which is a pattern I vaguely remember someone suggesting for that yarn. Whoever it was, you were so right. I'm loving it. Given how many patterns I've tried with this yarn, that is a miracle in and of itself:

Ok. I'm going to leave it behind me now. Onto the next miracle... whatever it turns out to be.

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