Sunday, May 22, 2016

One and a Half

One step at a time is good walking. --Proverb
I went to see my doctor on Tuesday, and she told me that I could take the boot cast off whenever I wanted to try to walk on it. I have been trying it out here and there at home, but I think I'll keep it on another week to protect it while I'm at work. I can sure feel how much weaker my right leg is now, but I think the few minutes of standing and the few steps here and there are enough of a challenge for it. I am too scared of making it worse before it gets better.

I'm grateful for the ability to move around just a bit more. Being able to move around a little more means that I feel like I can drink more water. Seriously: when you can't really walk, things like drinking water and going to the bathroom become things you consider carefully. The freedom to live life being a little less thirsty is one I will not take for granted again.

I did go back to the office on Wednesday, and I'll say this much: I am so sick and tired of explaining what happened to my foot. So. Sick. Of. It. I am glad I waited that long to go back, because trying to get around with a cast outside of your house is a lot harder than I imagined it would be. I find myself constantly knocking myself against doors and desks and stuff, and that would have been really painful if I'd gone back in the first week. People have been really helpful, but I'll be glad when things can go back to normal and I can stop explaining my cast and just get on with things.

For some reason, I was strangely motivated to try to finish my Chevron Lace Top as quickly as possible. I suppose it was because I'd decided I was going back to work on Wednesday, and I was so happy with having finished knitting the back of the top so quickly that I didn't want to lose momentum. I set myself up for some marathon knitting sessions. By Tuesday night, I'd knit the front up to the point where I had to divide the stitches for the neckline. Thursday night, it was blocking,

That's a lot of knitting, even for me.

While it blocked, I started working on another project: Romi Hill's Fuchsia Nouveau Petite. I'm using a skein of Americo Linen Cordon in turquoise blue that I had been pulling out of my stash to admire. I'm glad the yarn has some silk in it, because I had to rip out my stitches three times before I gave up trying to knit it from the written instructions and switched over to the charted version. I got right into the flow of it after that, but I had to put it on hold yesterday, because I realized I needed the needle to finish the ribbing on my top.

It seems that I am productive, even when I am broken.

I seamed the shoulders yesterday, knitted the ribbing, and seamed up the sides. As much as I hate knitting garments in pieces, I am quite happy with my seaming job. Can you see where the join is? (Say no.) I don't think I'll be doing it again right away, but I'm glad I haven't lost the skill:

It's finished now. The thing is: I'm not sure I like it. It turned out really long: a lot longer than the tops I normally wear. I decided I'd soak it again and spin it in the washing machine and then throw it in the dryer to see it if would shrink up a bit. It's not totally dry yet, but I don't think it's all that different. Maybe I'll feel differently once it's completely dry and I can try it on, but I don't really feel like trying on any clothes right now. I wasn't a fan of how the pattern was written - it's full of errors. If I could turn back the clock, I would have reduced the length by one whole pattern repeat.

Heh, if only I could turn back the clock...

It's a long weekend here. Someone asked me what I had planned for my weekend, and I replied, "I will be sitting." And that's what I've been doing, for the most part. I did go out yesterday for lunch with the hubby and then made the epic trek with my crutches through a parking lot, through the mall, and back again to pick up something I'd ordered. I did some standing to test my foot. And I made it through six minutes of an abdominal circuit on the floor. All that was exhausting, since that's the most I've moved in two weeks.

I guess once you start sitting, it's hard to stop.

Anyway, I feel like I have one and a half legs now, and that feels pretty good. Today, I crawled up and down the stairs thirty times for a little bit of exercise (if you've never done it, you'd be surprised at how much work it is). After that, I showered, crawled back down the stairs, and made a batch of Peasant Bread:

And then, I transferred some applesauce I defrosted from the freezer into a couple of jars. Yeah, it's pink. That's the colour it goes when you made applesauce with the skins. And I know it says home made on the jars, and I'd love to take the credit, but my friend's mom actually made it... which I guess means the jars are still accurate:

I chatted a bit with a friend of mine who is an ultra runner (one of those mad people who run 50+km in a race). He had a stress fracture in his foot a while back. It felt really nice to talk to someone who could understand how I'm feeling. He told me that when it healed up, it would be even stronger - fresh, new bone. I hope he's right.

For now, I am at one and half. Here's hoping I make it to one and five eighths soon.

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