Sunday, October 16, 2016

I Need a Reason for Bunting

I haven't got time in my life to do all the things I should be doing, like running and dieting and decorating my house, buying some furniture. --Jennifer Saunders
I came across that quote today, and truer words have never been spoken. If only I could spend life doing all of the healthy things I'm supposed to be doing, and also have all the time I wanted to fix things up around the house and peruse and select all the vintage furniture I wanted, things would be pretty ok. Instead, I plan little weekend adventures like this one.

I was really hoping to have a finished project to share today. I was approaching the end of it this week, but last night, noticed an error in the cables, and so I decided to let down 12 rows of cabling to fix it. It was sort of a "spaghetti situation," for a while... sort of touch and go:

Luckily, I did get it all sorted out and it's back together now, but I'm currently playing yarn chicken with the bind off, and I'm not sure who is going to win this one. I'll either have enough yarn to finish this bind off, or it'll be a long road of ripping back for me. Hmph and hmph.

At least I do have some lovely fibre-y photos to share this week. Yesterday, I decided to go to The Cowichan Valley Fleece and Fiber Festival for the first time. Each year it comes around, I keep meaning to go, but have never managed it until now. I'm very glad I did.

It's been so dreary around here with days and days of rain and storms, so it was simply lovely to walk into the hall and be greeted by such beautiful colours: roving of all kinds, all beautifully displayed for my eyes to drink in:

And bags and bags of lovely fleece to feel and touch and smell:

The main hall was buzzing with people, all happy to be inside and warm and dry and hanging out with the wool and the cool people who like wool:

Skeins of yarn everywhere:

Lovely fiber-y items of all sorts, including these alpaca and llama coasters:

Colours absolutely everywhere:

One of the vendors was selling fleeces and locks, and had this fascinating finished piece made from felted locks. It was absolutely lovely: light and airy and unusual. So gorgeous:

And I loved this combination of colours in this lace piece. What a wonderful idea. It got the wheels spinning in my head:

Ah, sheep. You're the best:

And, I went in with the intention of being really careful with my purchases, since my expenses have been a bit high with our trip to Montreal and all. I was pretty well-behaved, but I did come away with some treasures, like this pretty little drop spindle, made by the same person who made the spindle I purchased at another fiber festival a couple of years back. His work is so beautiful, and I just couldn't resist. This one has a whorl made from pear wood, and has a black walnut shaft:

And, I saw these two bundles of yak combed top when I first walked into the hall, and I managed to do an entire circuit of the hall before I had to come back and buy them. I am so excited to try to make something with this grey cloud of loveliness:

And well, I went back to the same table to look at some of the camel combed top, when the woman behind the table pulled these two bundles from a bag and plonked them in front of me. My eyes widened, and I looked up at her, as though she had placed a bag of gold coins in front of me. Could I walk away from a blend of chocolately/caramel ripple-y/cappucino-y fiber blend of merino, alpaca, camel, and silk? Heck, heck, h-e-double-hockey-sticks no:

Here's a group shot. What a lovely family:

Afterward, we stopped in at Union 22 in Cobble Hill. I'd only recently found out about this shop, and as soon as we walked in, I wanted to move in:

I thought this bunting was a lovely idea for all of the vintage lace and doilies I keep seeing in thrift shops. I just need a reason to put up punting. Do I need a reason? I will take all bunting suggestions freely:

It's funny: this is the second time I've attended a fiber festival on a rainy day, bought a spindle and fiber, and stopped in at a vintage shop on the same day. That almost sounds like a tradition: a yearly thing. Perhaps even a reason for bunting. Interesting.

I'm off to go fight with my bind off. When I complete, I shall celebrate, perhaps have a bit of a treat, and contemplate a bunting party. Hmm, yes... must muse...


YarnKettle said...

I don't think you can come up with a better reason than it makes you happy. Bunt away my friend!

I love the colors of fiber festivals. I am a bit surprised with all that color about you chose muted grey and tan. But I also understand when you find a lovely natural color it is enough by itself.

Lovely stuff thanks for sharing.

AdrieneJ said...

Yeah, it's funny that, isn't it? Maybe it was just my mood. I was surrounded by all that colour, but it was those two that entranced me. Perhaps the next purchase will be rainbow-coloured!