Sunday, November 13, 2016

Now, With Other People's Knitting

By perseverance the snail reached the ark. --Charles Spurgeon
So, about the knitting and stuff. It sorta hasn't been working out for me recently. The intentions where there, but it's been a weird few weeks, and production has not been really happening for me. Perhaps this is the way of November: shorter days, with not much time to do much of anything within them.

This is not to say I haven't been busy. It's just that the stuff I've been up do has not lent themselves to much time to sit and do fiber-y things. Actually, that's not true: my problem was that I had changed from doing knitting projects to doing a spinning project. Recently, I've found myself away from the comfort of my couch and waiting around for appointments and classes and meetings in coffee shops, boardrooms, and offices... places where I don't feel all that comfortable whipping out the ol' spindle and having to explain to people what the heck I'm doing.

Luckily, this seems to be a time when other people's knitting have been the highlight of my days. On Wednesday, the day of my weekly yoga class, a friend of mine handed me these yoga socks, knitted by her mother. "Give them a try," she said. And they were great. This isn't the greatest photo of them, but they were comfy and warm on a cool, rainy day. It's strange: people keep giving me handknit socks as gifts. Maybe it's the universe trying to tell me to finally get on with knitting some for myself, but if that were true, why would people keep giving them to me? Perhaps I should not question and just enjoy the socks:

And then, there's this adorable baby snuggie, handknit by a work friend who is expecting her first. We talked a long time about getting her back into knitting, and a few refresher lessons and a few text message tips and a whole lot of YouTube videos later, she has produced this:

It's so darn cute that I wish I could get in there and wear it. And just LOOK at those buttons!

It's such a testament to the fact that, if you want something badly and you are resourceful enough, you can totally do this knitting thing. It makes me so happy to welcome someone into the Yarn Geek Club.

I had every intention of doing some knitting this weekend. It was Remembrance Day on Friday, so it was a long weekend for me. We headed down to Victoria for a short break. We were fortunate that the rain stayed away, but on Saturday, the wind really whipped up as we walked along Ogden Point. I got this shot of Fisherman's Wharf at a point where I had ducked in for shelter. It looks so sunny and peaceful, but I was actually just trying to avoid getting more leaves whipped into my face:

The water had white caps, and the helicopters that service the Island to the mainland were grounded:

But the waves were impressive:

And well, the knitting? Impressive is not the word I would use for it. I did wind some of my handspun for a project, which I have cast on for... and have subsequently ripped out. Impressive, no. Perhaps... "orderly" would be how I would describe it:

I best get on and start working on something, because I can't rely on other people to knit for my blog for much longer... unless... ahem... you'd like to volunteer... you know, leave me your comment below or whatever...

Right, I'll shut up and knit now. Have a good week!

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YarnKettle said...

It is always good to question why people are giving you things. We like you, you're a good friend to us.

AND we know that socks are the one thing you don't knit, it is the perfect gift you're not able to give yourself.

Nice handspun! And a cute mug too. ;)