Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Drama Llama

You mustn't live so lightly,
Spin your stories, tell your tales,
Let them dance across the oceans
And set the wind upon your sails.
For every truth found on your travels
And in the pits of your despair,
Is a shout into forever
Of "I existed, and I cared."
-- Erin Hanson,
I had a week full of drama this week. It seems to have followed me into the weekend, and I've found myself working through issues here and there. I'm glad we have a holiday on Monday. It will be nice to have one more day to try to catch up on some peace.

I sat down on the couch with a sigh on Friday, thinking all about the drama surrounding my days. My eyes wandered over to some of my craft tools that are littered around the coffee table. I cocked my head, an idea taking hold in my brain. I got up and did a bit of digging in my supplies and found some copper wire, some pliers, and some wire cutters. A little while later, I had this:

And then I dug out some pencil roving, a bit of black merino roving, and some alpaca fleece. I had to do some extra digging to find my felting needles, but slowly, surely, my idea took shape:

Friday night, it looked like this:

I was gone for most of the day on Saturday, but when I woke up this morning, I had to deal with a little more drama that got sent my way. Then, I picked up my little friend and gave him a head, a face, and a few tendrils on his face. For a while, he looked a bit emo:

But after I gave him a little hair cut and did a bit more felting, I finished him. Say hello to my Drama Llama:

We must admire his rump. I'm quite proud of how well I was able to shape his figure:

And he's grown out of his poetic emo phase... he's just adorably scruffy in the face now:

I think he'll live on my desk for a while. I think he'll give me a smile, no matter what kind of day I have.

In the meantime, I went down to Victoria with the hubby yesterday. He had a few appointments and so I took the opportunity to do some visiting with a friend. It took care of some dramatic calls and emails while I waited. Luckily, I had some treats to keep me grounded:

And there was a rabbit in the garden to keep me company:

After a good chat and an even better lunch, we ended up at the Yellow Wolf Pow Wow. It was a perfect day: bright, but cool and comfortable. It was a nice day to take in all of the beautiful clothing the dancers were wearing. This is the kind of drama I like:

After that, we had a lovely walk in woods, which is just the antidote my soul needed:

And a wander through here didn't hurt either:

I have finished my Over-and-Over Top, but the weather has been too hot and I've been too grumpy to put it on and model it. I am very happy with it, though. I'm going to wait until I'm in a better frame of mind to share it. It deserves to be worn by someone in a good mood.

Until then, I'm going to go do some well-earned daydreams. I'm going to cuddle up to these and have a nice walk through my imagination with them. Happy Sunday!

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YarnKettle said...

Feel better my friend! Here's hoping your drama llama voodoo doll wards off all the drama it can.

That rump! So adorable.