Saturday, September 23, 2017

And Now, Belfast

Travel not to escape life, but so life doesn't escape you. --Unknown
All of a sudden, it's autumn, and I'm in Northern Ireland. How funny it is in this modern world that we can be one place one day, and then on the other sidebar of the world the next... at least you can be there if you have no travel delays and the flights are not overbooked. Modern life is not without its challenges.

We had this trip planned months ago, and just like anything that seems so far away when you first plan it, it snuck up on me like a ghost in the shadows. This time, at least had an evening and most of the next day to go through my packing list (I had a packing list) and make sure it was all packed. I only had a small travel case and a half-empty backpack, since we were visiting the hubby's mum in Belfast and I knew I could do laundry. Even so, I kept lifting the case and pondering whether or not I had ACTUALLY remembered all that I needed.

But really, all you need when you travel is your passport, a ticket, and some money. And some knitting.

The international side of Vancouver Airport always has the most interesting installations at the gates. You can't lose with shoes, I say:

The flights were long and boring, and the trans-Atlantic flight was particularly grueling because, when you travel as the poor unwashed, you get the tiniest seats between the widest people. I could not sit back at all on that flight, and therefore only got snatches of sleep throughout. I'm glad the border agent wasn't in the mood for testing me, because my brain was on zombie-mode by the time we reached Heathrow, and I could not guarantee that I would not try to eat his brains.

Finally, though, we got to good awl' Belfast:

We had a lovely week visiting with friends and family. The weather was mostly great, but decidedly Northern Irish:

I traveled into town a couple of days, and even though I lived here for about six years, I was surprised at how much of the beautiful architecture I'd never really appreciated before, like at City Hall:

Even the Lagan Weir looked inviting to me:

The nicest thing about visiting with friends and family is that they always know the nicest places to eat:

And wee Cindy is always waiting for you when you get home. This old kitty is already 15 years old, but still runs and jumps and plays and enjoys a midnight wander. What a magical cat:

I'm sitting in Belfast City Airport right now, waiting for our next flight to Exeter in Devon, England. I am very much looking forward to some quiet days in the English countryside. And yes, I have been knitting... long, glorious hours of knitting, with limited internet access to distract me. On Wednesday, we'll board a train and ride to London, during which I'm also hoping for a bit of gentle adventure.

Oh, gentle adventure. That's the ticket. Speaking of... where'd I put my boarding pass....


Marsha said...

I love seeing all these photos and reading about your trip! Sounds like you are having a wonderful vacation!

AdrieneJ said...

In some ways, I feel I've been away only a short time, and in other instances, I feel like I've been away for ages. It's a good sign that I'm having a good time!