Sunday, January 28, 2018

A Lot of Work For Not Very Much

It is not enough to be busy… The question is: what are we busy about? -- Henry David Thoreau
It started out with a necklace I bought while on holiday in L.A. It was so pretty, but it was so different from anything else I'd ever worn that I wasn't even sure I had an outfit to wear it with. This is not the first time this has happened: I have purposely gone shopping to find an entire outfit to go with a new necklace before. I thought I was finished with this kind of obsession, but clearly, I am not.

Anyway, I was looking for something light and drapey and loose... a sort of tunic with dolman sleeves, and probably in white or cream or a pale grey colour. This search also coincided with me being at loose ends with my projects: nothing on the needles, and not really sure what I wanted to make next. "Aha," I said. "Maybe I can make my own top to go with that necklace!"

So, I set off, looking for patterns that would work. I started with tunics and pullovers, then short-sleeved tees, then knitting stitches, then v-neck pullovers. I veered into lace shawls for a brief interlude, but I got back on track and started searching images online of what I imagined would work. White or cream or pale grey tunic... yeah, that's what I want.

I don't know what happened, but I now have this charcoal grey yarn on the needles, and I have no idea what I'm doing. It's 1531 yards of cobweb lace merino. I've already cast on twice for other patterns and then ripped them out, and THAT was not pretty - this yarn tangles and snaps when you rip it back. I have this foreboding feeling in my bones, but I'm going to choose to soldier on. And no, it's not going to go with the freaking necklace.

I haven't done much with it this week, partly because I'm angry at the yarn, and partly because I've started at a new job and my mind is quite tired with all the new things flying at me. I'm glad of the new surroundings and my skills are really being put to work there, but it is a weary time. Meanwhile, here is a cake I made yesterday:

And since the rain has continued on today without breaks, the most productive things I've done today are preparing my meals for the week, doing a bit of freelance admin work and trying to drown the spider mites in my houseplants by leaving them out on the deck. So, here are a few photos of my growing cigar box collection, which has doubled recently with a few good finds:

The outsides are lovely, but the insides are unexpectedly pretty:

This one was in rough shape, but it's much better after some cleaning, airing, and a some strategically placed paste:

This one used to hold my own cutlery at my previous job, because cutlery in an office is a commodity well sought-after. I'll likely put it back in rotation soon:

The one in the middle came with a full set of hand-carved chess pieces, in which I confess I don't have much interest. I just love the box - it's the only one fully made from wood:

And this one has graduated to being a holder for some of my vintage button supply:

And well, we might as well look at the three new little tins I got yesterday. I plan on using the little one for my sewing scissors and darning needles:

One came with a set of dominoes. Maybe this is a sign that I should develop a social life and find a few friends for chess and dominoes:

So, that's that. Half an inch of knitting, a cake, and some vintage receptacles. Here's hoping next week is more productive. Happy Sunday!

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