Sunday, April 8, 2018

A Fricken Elephant

If it wasn't for last minute, nothing would ever get done. -- Anonymous
Well, it's happened. Seymour has claimed my knitting:

He's the spitting image of Rascal. Maybe it's a thing they learn in puppy school: you MUST sleep on knitting at every possible chance:

Perhaps Seymour has mistaken it for a blanket, given that it never really changes much and can usually be found abandoned on the couch. I'm predicting that The Never-Ending Thingy Thing will be THE project of the year 2018.

As the weekend approached, I was so desperate to have something to share on this so-called creativity blog that I decided on Saturday morning that I was going to have a finished project by the end of this weekend, come hell or high water...

And ironically, it has rained nearly all weekend. Hmm.

But I've literally just finished this tonight, and darn it all, I'm going to share it. Behold: The Fricken Elephant:

I named it after I saw this photo floating around on Twitter. As a former teacher, I find it absolutely hilarious, and altogether true. English is such a funny language, and I say that as an ESL student myself:

My Fricken Elephant is quite a bit cuter. I originally planned to make it plain grey, but as per usual, I thought I might run out, since I was only working from a small leftover ball of Cascade 220. So, he got a colourful back decoration:

I used nearly every last scrap to make the head. I had a backup plan of giving him brown hair in case I couldn't finish the top of the scalp, but luckily I just made it to the top. That meant he got bullseye-style ears as well, which I think are quite cute, especially since I've sewn them on slightly askew:

So, there you have it. I think this is the year of small weekend projects while the epic cobweb project gets picked away at during the week. I don't know if I'll do another knitted toy anytime soon. They're small, but man are they fiddly, especially when you're dealing with the malarkey of sewing in ends of stripey trunks and ears...

... but I have a little dream of making a wee monster with a cowboy hat. We shall see.

Have a great week!

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YarnKettle said...

He is Fricken Adorable! And by that I mean the elephant, Seymour and the old picture of Rascal? You too, you're fricken adorable too!!