Sunday, July 15, 2018

I Keep Finding Lentils

Home's where you go when you run out of homes. ― John le CarrĂ©, The Honourable Schoolboy
We're coming down to the wire for our moving date, which is two weeks away. We've both been packing and purging, with almost daily trips to the thrift shop. It's times like this, surrounded by boxes and suitcases, when I truly feel like all my stuff is just a burden and I vow to never buy another thing ever again. I wonder if I'll stick to it this time. And it's not just clothes and shoes and other belongings. If I find another bag of lentils or shredded coconut from three years ago, I'm going to have a conniption. I will go down in history as the person who had an epic meltdown because of surplus dry goods.

The hot summer days have not been conducive to knitting. I find myself laying on the couch each evening, mindlessly scrolling on my phone until I'm too tired to keep my eyes open and then drag myself to bed to try to sleep. Summer, you are too much for me: too much heat, too much light, too much noise. I shall continue to whine until the autumn comes. Fair warning.

We decided to have a beach day yesterday, which is the first we've had this year and the first time we brought Seymour along. He seemed pretty happy to flop out on the mat and watch the kids playing. He got excited about watching a dog playing with a ball in the water, but he wasn't at all keen on getting in himself. Not that I mind. I didn't particularly want to take home a wet, sandy pup in the car:

The blueberries are in full flush and we are currently picking at least a punnet a day. The hubby loves them in his ice cream and cereal. I much prefer them fresh by the handful, but a Blueberry Oatmeal Muffin does not go unappreciated around here either.

I think I made a mistake and offered one to Seymour yesterday, which he promptly gobbled up. Later, he snuck up behind the hubby while he was picking and stole a mouthful for himself. Hmm. I may have created a little monster here...

My current knitting project is actually coming along, slowly but surely. If I can just get myself to sit down and knit, I might actually finish it before we move. I still don't understand how people are managing to knit this pattern as it is written: somehow, in working up the first side, I managed to get all the stitches shifted over by two, and absolutely nothing was lining up. I'm mostly just improvising at this stage, but it at least LOOKS wearable. Time will tell, I suppose:

I'm off to go to and figure out what I'm going to make for lunch this week out of a can of chickpeas and whatever else is left in the cupboard. Maybe something with lentils and coconut. Bleh. Life lessons in dry goods, seen here live and in colour. Have a good week.


Marsha said...

What is it about dried lentils and beans? I’m not preparing for a move, yet once a year or so I manage to unearth a mystery bag of dried pulses that are several years ago.

YarnKettle said...

I begged a friend to come take food the day before I left NY. She took several bags and at least four large bottles of olive oil. And I still have not learned that lesson. Just opened a bottle and have another in the pantry. We've been in this house four months?!

AdrieneJ said...

Maybe there's something comforting about having a stash of dried food in case of emergency... except it takes hours to reconstitute!

AdrieneJ said...

You are just so continental. You have extra olive oil in case you feel the need to splash some on everything you eat!