Sunday, August 19, 2018

A Nada Week

August is a gentle reminder for not doing a single thing from your new year resolution for seven months and not doing it for the next five. ― Crestless Wave
I'm not sure I have much to report this week. I'm sitting here wracking my brain trying to think of anything I had accomplished to share, and I'm coming up with nada. I guess some weeks are nada weeks.

I'm feeling a little strange these days... perhaps a little displaced. I'm enjoying this new house, but I think I'm experiencing a bit of groundlessness from having so much change in my life over the last few months. People keep asking me if we're all settled in, and I'm sort of give a wane smile and nod and say yes when in truth, I don't quite at home yet. Maybe it's part of my yearly summer blues, or maybe I'm feeling a bit lonely for some friendship. Or maybe I just need to be more patient with myself.

I had a rare morning to myself in the house yesterday. I had grand plans of watching a romantic comedy on tv while drinking tea and eating muffins. I'm not sure how I managed to run out of time to do that. I took Mr. Seymour out for his morning constitutional and ended up chatting with a couple of neighbours whilst he was fed many tasty treats. When we returned, I sat around and drank a cup of coffee while scrolling away on my phone while he napped. Finally, I got up and made a batch of apple muffins out of some apples gifted to me by a coworker...

...which I almost forgot about in the oven and they turned out a tad darker than I had planned. At least I didn't burn them. That would have been a tragic waste of muffins:

I think one of the reasons I feel like the week has passed me by is because I've been worried about finding a dog sitter for Seymour for an upcoming trip we have planned. It's been something that has been in the back of the mind ever since we brought him home. The thing about having a dog is that, unless you never leave home, you really need a good network of dog friends who can help you out when you need to leave them, and I really haven't been able to build that up since he came to live with us. It wasn't for want of trying but changing jobs twice and moving house hasn't really helped to build up the real-life social network required. We did meet someone today who will likely be the one, but it's all I can do to stop wishing I had my regular dog-sitters from back in Alberta to come and stay with him.

Life's all about change, I guess. Sometimes, it's hard to be prepared for what comes your way:

Meanwhile, I was hoping to have more completed on my doily, but I'm at the stage where each round is taking a lot of time to complete. I'm also doing a great job at having to rip back nearly every round to fix errors. I'm dubious as to whether or not I have enough yarn to complete the entire pattern. I'm also wondering what I'll do with the thing once it's finished. What does one do with doilies these days? I don't have enough surfaces to decorate with such things:

I do have a tiny little idea in the back of my mind to convert it into some kind of garment... maybe add it to the back of a cardigan or tee or something... but I haven't really gotten any further with that idea. Maybe I need to do some digging around in my magazines and my Pinterest boards for inspiration unless someone out there has a suggestion for me. Or maybe I could just frame it and stick it on a wall in this new house of mine. We'll see, I guess.

I think I'll go and find a few magazines to daydream through. Have a good week.

2 comments: said...

May I recommend someone? This couple has been recommended to me by two different dog friends and we have an appointment for a meet and greet: There is also a lady who has stayed with our neighbour's two dogs and she was incredible how she walked them twice each day and spent all her time with them. I was going to get her contact info but now that I'm reading this, I'm going to get in touch with my neighbour and ask her for the lady's contact info. I'll share it when she gets back to me.

AdrieneJ said...

Thanks! I appreciate you looking into this.