Sunday, January 27, 2019

Waterfalls and Falling Asleep

Procrastination is my sin. It brings me naught but sorrow. I know that I should stop it. In fact, I will--tomorrow. ― Gloria Pitze
It's been a quiet, drowsy weekend around here. I have lots of things I could be doing, but none of the conviction to do any of it. I used to push through a lot of that and get the list done anyway. These days, I just let it all lie until I feel ready to get started again. I'm not sure if that's age or if this is a phase. And I'm not sure I really care either way.

I've been in the market for a new project and spent a bit of time dithering about what I wanted to work on. I've been wanting to knit cabled pullover for a while, something like Pomegranate by Bonnie Sennott or Beatnik by Norah Gaughan, and I'm thinking that I should get started on one soon before it gets to be too warm to wear it, but my brain seems to be rallying against anything too complicated or lacy at the moment.

I went shopping in my Ravelry library the other day. I am rather sheepish to admit that I forgot that I owned half of the patterns I had in there.  I thought I might pull out something bulkier and knit something simple for a change... maybe a simple lap blanket in squares...

So, true to my contrary nature, I've pulled out a sport weight yarn and decided to knit a complicated cable pattern with small needles. Yeah, because THAT'S restful. I'm loving the pattern, even more so after I decided to rip out my first attempt and knit it a larger gauge. It's Tacit by Hunter Hammersen and I'm knitting it in Nuna by Mirasol, a merino/silk/rayon blend that has a beautiful sheen and is lovely on the hands. I'm very much looking forward to wearing them, even though I still think they feel a little tight. Maybe they'll stretch with blocking. Or maybe I could live with cutting off the circulation to my fingers once in a while. We'll see.

I decided to skip the gym this morning since I just wasn't feeling up to it, but I told the hubby that I wanted to get out for a good long walk instead. Mr. Seymour was due for a bath this weekend, so we decided to go somewhere good and muddy and let him have a good time out there. We found a new trail (new to us, anyway) that lead to Christie Falls, and we are fortunate to live quite close to it. We didn't go right up to the falls, as it was quite high up. I'm not afraid of climbing hills, neither am I afraid of heights, but I am afraid of coming back down hills. I freeze up when presented with a steep trail downwards. I'm a prairie girl, after all. Still, even part way up, we got some pretty impressive views:

Seymour impressed us by bounding up and over fallen trees and logs on the way out - this from the dog that demands to be lifted into bed every night. He got properly muddy and sandy and was unceremoniously carried into the shower when we got home. We both enjoyed a good nap this afternoon:

Lazy weekends aside, I do have a finished project to share. I finally finished and blocked my heavily modified Loro Vest the other day, and I am very pleased with it. It was mild enough for me to take photos of it in the back yard yesterday, and I was glad I could because the natural light really brought out the lovely colours of the kettle dyed yarn:

There is a visible difference in the two skeins I used, but I think it's only noticeable on the back, and only in certain lights:

I am very happy with the length. I never dreamed I'd get such a long vest out of this gauge:

I do wish I hadn't decreased the back so much as I have quite a wide back and I think it took away from the shaping for me. I'm also not super happy with where the cable ended up sitting. I wished it was a little further forward, but considering I was mostly winging it with this project and ended up adding the ribbed shawl collar at the last moment, it's not too bad:

Still, I adore the colour, and I think it turned out to be quite a nice garment for me. I don't normally wear vests, but I've found myself getting a bit annoyed by the bulk of sweaters inside of coats. I can see myself wearing this quite often:

We're heading into the last week of January, and I must say that I've found it to be quite a long, drawn out month. We've been blessed with mild weather, but even so, I've found myself feeling quite cooped up and cabin-feverish. Perhaps February will bring along brighter days and the oomph I've been lacking for the past few weeks. Until then, I think we'll just continue to practice our napping skills:

Have a good week!


Unknown said...

I love how that vest came out! Beautiful!

And I share your sheepishness over the pattern library, haha. The PDFs, at least, are "out of sight, out of mind," but I even forget the books that are sitting on my shelf, because I'm so used to walking right past them. Oops. :)

AdrieneJ said...

Let's not talk about the magazines... :)