Sunday, February 24, 2019

A Mango Pomegranate

I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees. --Henry David Thoreau
I've had a funny up and down kind of week. I'm finding it hard these days to keep my enthusiasm up for things. Maybe it's the time of year, maybe it's the way life is these days, but perky and positive I have not been. I even went so far as to wonder if I should give up this blog and start selling off some of my craft supplies. Is anyone even reading this? What is the point, after all?

I trudged my way through the week, eating peanut butter and watching YouTube videos, just waiting for the weekend to come. And then, on Friday morning at work, I overheard someone say, "Thanks, I spun the wool myself on a drop spindle, and then I knit this scarf. It's a pattern called Estuary."

Hey, I made that pattern, I said to myself. And then I hunkered down again. I wasn't sure I wanted to expose my knitting side to the world that day...

But then something switched inside of me, and when I saw her later on, I had the photo of my Estuary ready to show her on my phone. And then we got talking and she told me she was part of one of the local spinning and weaving guilds, and how they were having a festival soon, and how they have all kinds of workshops available at very reasonable prices. And I found myself looking at the course list and thinking about which ones I would like to take and who I might ask to come with me...

And all of a sudden, things felt right-side up again. Yarn people... they always save me.

Vancouver Island people have been watching the forecast nervously all week, speculating on whether or not more snow was on the way. Luckily, my pessimism did not extend to the weather, and even more, the snowfalls have stayed away. We were blessed with a lovely, sunny day today, and we went out to explore a new park and trail nearby. The forests are always full of magic, even when my mind is dark:

There is still plenty of ice and snow around, but we're slowly working our way through it:

The hubby took Seymour's leash and steered him around all the muddiest bits, which freed me up to take deep breaths and admire the trees. They're always surprising to me. This one made me think of a seated dragon, with its tail curled up around it, truly mystical:

I'm grateful for the sunshine today, and my current knitting project is also helping to brighten things up for me. The pattern is Pomegranate, by Bonnie Sennott, which is a pattern I have been wanting to knit for a while now. I'm loving the colour of the yarn, a beautiful, mango-coloured colourway from Cascade yarns:

If a pomegranate was crossed with a mango, would we get something like this?

So, I'm feeling a bit better and thinking ahead to possibilities and looking for the brighter things, even here in my dark little corner. And I have no idea who is out there and if this blog is even read anymore, but I am ok to be sitting here typing away on it regardless of its readership, at least for now. It's like having a friend in the room to chat away with, although a somewhat silent one. But I guess that means I get to be heard, no matter what.

Have a good week.


Michelle said...

I like your blog and read it consistently. Craft on! As a knitter who only does one stitch, you inspire me to think that one day I could create something lovely like I've seen here.

yarnkettle said...

Me too, I'm still reading! I'm a bad non commenter but still loving all the things you write about. I've even been baking thanks to you, and Great British Bakeoff. Love from me and the kitties.

Su said...

I read your blog and I love it, it's real and inspirational and lovely and beautiful. I think the cold, dark days of winter are very demoralising and I have contemplated giving up knitting during a particularly difficult winter, thank goodness my partner persuaded me otherwise.
I love your sweater, the colour is glorious and it works very well with the pattern.