Sunday, May 26, 2019

Decision Review on a Quiet Sunday

On the surface: cool as a cucumber. On the inside: squirrel in traffic. --Anonymous
I've had a quiet Sunday today. Seymour and I spent most of the day at home on our own. I had a rare day when I had only a few chores to do and no cooking or baking to get done. When I find myself with little to do, it gives my brain a chance to really muse on things, like the results of the decisions I've made over time.

For example,  I made the decision last autumn not to do any pruning of any of the shrubs around the house because I really had no idea what kinds of plants they all were and I had yet to experience a full season with them. I sort of regretted that decision because I can tell now that they would have benefitted from a good rejuvenating haircut. This morning, I realized that I've been focusing too much on what they should look like, and not on the beauty that they already hold, which is a lesson I continue to need to learn in plenty of areas of life:

I have a little deck garden growing right now, which is also showing proof of some of my decisions: my decision to grow two different types of tomatoes (one of which is only just starting to show signs of life after four weeks of doing nothing) and my decision to move the pots of chard off the ground to save them from the slugs. I'm also not so sure about giving Seymour such ready access to them, but he seems to leave them alone for the most part. I caught him trying to roll in bird poop earlier, so I guess he's got other things outside to keep him occupied:

We had a team building event at work this week that involved putting a lot of trust in other people while building equipment and hiking through a lovely canyon. I really, really wasn't sure about the whole thing, and while I am glad I did it, I'm not sure I would do it all again. It was one of those situations where I had to throw out all my careful decision-making skills and just do it before I chickened out. At least the views were stunning:

This week, I finally decided to wind a skein of some laceweight yarn I've been sitting on for far too long:

I thought I loved this yarn already, but I loved it even more when I pulled it off the ball winder. I find its gentle tones a comforting antidote to the harshness of an overwhelming, high definition, 4k world. It is purchases like these that reassure me that I really am capable of making good decisions...

... even when I decide to knit projects using small needles and 800 yards of laceweight. Hmm, this could be a long haul...

I suppose I have to accept that some of the decisions I make are going to be the right ones and some of them won't, and some of them... well some of them are just as they are, neither good or bad... just stuff that happens and that's all. Right now I think I'm going to make the decision to go and make some curry for dinner. That seems like a good decision all around. Have a good week!

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Marsha said...

I really like the color of that yarn! It's very soothing and peaceful.