Sunday, September 29, 2019

I Have a Headache

A headache, I get the kind of headache God would smote you with in the Old Testament. ―Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters
Here we are, a week since coming back from holidays. It's been a busy week: lots to catch up with at work and on top of that, I've been fighting a cold for the past few days. I think I'm winning, but I'm struggling with a huge headache today, so maybe not. I dunno. The jet lag is finished... I think. My head is splitting, so I'm not sure which way is up at the moment.

We landed back on Vancouver Island last Saturday after a relatively uneventful journey. It was my usual sleepless journey, where I did a lot of knitting through a lot of movies. One of the meals was inedible, but I survived. I watched Wonder Woman for the third time. I love that movie. I love watching the Amazons shooting multiple arrows in mid-leap. It makes me want to try it sometime. Maybe I'll try it later when my headache goes away.

While waiting for our bags on the luggage carousel, I watched as person after person picked up their bags and disappeared... until there were no bags left and the carousel stopped. And I did not have my bag. That is not the desired result. So I looked at the hubby and he looked at me and then I looked around wondering what to do next... but really, all I was thinking was, "That goodness I packed my yarn in my hand carry." Luckily, just before I started to really panic, the luggage carousel started up again and my lonely suitcase popped out all by itself and all was well... but it would have been a real shame to lose my new yarn and my current project:

This cowl is my first foray into honeycomb brioche, and it's going really well. It's mostly intact and mostly error-free, and I'm very happy with the decision to border it with some linen stitch, and I'm even more pleased with the way the JSSBO worked out on the edge. I'm thinking I'll have a new cowl by next weekend if I keep it up... if this headache ever goes away...

There were a few surprises when I got home. My hydrangea was in bloom, even after I had given up all hope of it blooming this year after my overzealous pruning:

And the tomatoes which had fallen off the vine before I left were actually red and ripe after I left them in a tub of water in the window:

But what is not surprising is this guy, who has settled in for cuddles every time I sat down this week. He's such a comfort, even when my head is not right. That goodness for pugapoo snuggles:

We went out for a big shopping visit to the supermarket yesterday and were rewarded with a free turkey for spending so much money. I suppose it's supposed to be for Thanksgiving, but we lack the freezer space to save such a big bird for so long, so it's currently roasting in the oven. One should not pass up free meals when they present themselves, but this headache better be gone by the time it's finished, otherwise the hubby at the doggie are going to have a big meal to try to get through on their own.

I'm off to walk it off. Have a good week.

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