Monday, January 3, 2011

It's Gotta Get Better Than This

Rough start to the new year today. I elected to come into work today, despite it being a statutory holiday, to make up time that I took off for the Christmas holidays. I'm thinking this was a poor choice. So far today I have:
  • broken the water filter for the axolotl tank in the office whilst trying to clean them out after a week of languishing in their filth
  • locked myself out of the office with no one in the building to let me back in (as far as I knew)
  • flooded part of the office floor with water running from the tap that I left on whilst locked out
  • got a good friend out of bed on his day off to let me back in
  • confused a bunch of people because of my lack of organization
  • forgotten my lunch at home
  • been "tsk tsked" by the cleaning staff who think the tap water on the floor is an abomination
I feel tired and stupid and I just want to go home, but there are things to be done today. I know: it could be worse. A lot worse. I must soldier on.

Anyway, I thought I'd post these photos before I forgot about them. I finally finished my November Ruffle Wrap. Actually, I finished it three weeks ago, but ran out of time before my holidays to take photos of them. I've actually worn it a bit around the house, and it's so warm and comfy.

In my last post about this wrap, I was complaining about how I'd run out of yarn before I finished the ruffle, and that I wasn't going to rip back to the stockinette to fix it.

Well... I woke up early the next morning and decided that there was no denying it: I would be unhappy unless I fixed it properly.

So, I ended up ripping back to the stockinette portion, and even ripped out an extra inch to be sure, before I re-started the ruffle section. It was painful, but it was so worth it.

So here it is: The Mercury Plummeting Wrap, named so because the colour is called Mercury and it was knit in some pretty chilly weather.

Finished lenghth: 69 inches. Finished width: 19 inches. i.e. big enough.

I'm off to take some Advil and keep on truckin'. Here's to a New Year! Maybe it'll be better tomorrow...


YarnKettle said...

I'm hoping you Tuesday was better than your Monday. Do you think that the cleaning people were so put out because they thought they would have a nice easy day but had to clean up water? Not a reprimand just a thought that occurred to me.

AdrieneJ said...

Yeah, I'd considered that, but really... by the time they'd come up to have a look, the floor was nearly dry. One of the four that came to look (the woman of the group), touched the floor and said that it was fine, but the guys sucked air through their teeth and kept talking about how the carpet was going to lift as so on. I had a look today, and it was totally fine. And yeah, today was way better. :)

AdrieneJ said...

And we'd Shop Vac'd the floor and set fans onto the floor before they came to have a look, too!

YarnKettle said...

OK I really see your point now. Like you said it is just water. Glad to hear your day was better.