Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rascal's Blog Post

Hi, I'm Rascal. I'm writing my mom's blog post today because she's been sick. I usually sit around looking cute and watching for intruders, but I thought I'd help out and give you an update about what's been going on around here.

My mom came home at around lunch time on Thursday, and this is what she looked like:

Since then, she's been sleeping a lot, drinking a lot of tea and water, eating a lot of soup, and taking a lot of baths. I don't know how the baths are going to help her because, if you ask me, baths are bad news, but she seems to like them.

One of my mom's friends came over in the afternoon on Thursday to drop off this stuff. She likes this stuff a lot. She has lots and lots and lots of it, but she said she was lucky enough to get it at a great price from someone in Canmore who didn't want it anymore. She said she had another friend who even drove there to pick it up for her. She seemed pretty happy to get it. 

She even took this stuff upstairs to bed with her on Thursday night so she could look at it before she went to sleep.

I know it's strange to sleep next to this stuff, but forgive her. She's not feeling well, after all.

On Friday, my mom decided she wouldn't go to work, even though she slept a lot. I usually sleep the most in this house, but I think she's trying to beat my record, because I think she slept for about thirteen hours (I can't really count, but that's what she said). She had more baths and ate more soup and drank more tea and water and slept even more. She said she didn't really want to knit too much (I think that's what she calls that sticks-and-string-thing) in case she made a mistake, so she used the thing I tried to chew up during our last trip to the mountains to wind this stuff for her next project:

Today, my mom seems to be feeling better. She even took me out this morning for a walk and even she was sniffing the air a lot, just like me! It's nice to have her back outside with me, because there's so many cool things I've been meaning to show her since she's been sick. She's not always interested in the piles of leaves and the new peeing places I've found, but it's still nice to have her outside, even if it was just for a little while.

This afternoon, she worked on this. She says it's supposed to be a sweater, but I'm not so sure. She says she keeps finding little errors in the pattern (whatever that is). To me, it would make a great napping place.

Anyway, I'm trying really hard to look after my mom. She usually takes pretty good care of me, and it's nice to help her out sometimes. She's not too good at remembering to take as many naps as me, but I'm trying my best to teach her how to do it.

I'm gonna stop now, because this typing thing is pretty hard for me to do with these paws. Happy sniffs and tail wags for now!


  1. Tell your mom I hope she is feeling better!

    1. She says thank you! She's feeling much better!

  2. Tell your Mommy to feel better. Keep making sure she gets enough naps.

    1. She's been getting better at taking more naps, but she still needs to work on it. I'll keep on her!