Saturday, March 10, 2012

Welcome, Friends

Knitting news:  Not much. Working on a project with this yarn which has been in my stash for far too long. I bought it a few years ago thinking it looked fun. It was on sale... so I bought whatever was left on the shelf. Garish? Wild? Awesome? Not sure yet. We'll see what comes of it.

Other news: We have some new friends.

Welcome home, baby.

I've wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer for a while, but I had to fight my way through a couple of handmixers and a crappy breadmaker before I realized how badly I wanted one. After the breadmaker started to show signs of failing, hubby and I agreed that we could take the plunge... if one came on sale.

Behold, the Canadian Tire flyer. 40% off for the Kitchen Aid Pro 5 mixer? Yay!

I used it today to knead some dough for some bread... the awesomest bread ever. Honey Oat Wholemeal Bread. Yummer.

But wait! That's not all...

I've been hassling gently prodding the hubby about getting a new barbecue. The one we had was given to us by the previous tenants of a house we rented a few years ago, and yeah, it worked pretty well, but... well, it needed some attention, some good cleaning, things I really didn't want to have to do, especially after it burned my dinner a few times last summer.

Welcome home, Grill Master. You are welcome here, especially because I got you at 15% off with a coupon from the supermarket.

Seriously, it's called a Grill Master. I'm not actually worshipping this thing... not yet.

So yeah, not much knitting, but hey, who has time when there are things to mix and food to grill?


  1. That bread looks aweseome! Congrats on the new culinary additions. :)

    1. Thanks! I'm going to be making a new bread recipe this week. Fingers crossed it turns out just as well!