Sunday, March 18, 2012

Would Somebody Just Dress Me, Please?

I just took this shawl off the blocking boards today, and I'm really not sure about it. The yarn has been sitting in my stash for years, purchased on a whim because it looked fun... but it's not really the easiest combination of colours to knit with. I think this pattern works well with it. It's called Vixen, and it's an easy pattern to knit.

I thought that once I'd taken it off the needles, it would be ok, but the main problem now is that I just don't know how to wear this thing. It's basically a square with a slit along one corner, a different shape than I've ever worn before.

I think I'm gonna need some help with this one.

Probably part of the problem is that it's too small. I thought it would work out to be bigger, because I was using a thicker yarn and bigger needles, but it turns out I could have made it larger. I still have almost six more skeins of this leftover, but to be honest, I really couldn't face another week of knitting with this yarn. It's soft... but... I'm still not sure about it.

Oh well. Maybe I'll take it to work and have some of my friends try to figure out how I can wear this thing. The problem with that is that I might never be able to dress myself in it without help.

Maybe knitters need professional stylists to help them wear this stuff. How's that for job-creation?


  1. LOL I love your photos! I'm with you, odd shape and hard to style it just so. The yarn is nice, but I see what you're talking about. It's the kind of colorway I'd be more likely to wear as socks and I'd be just fine. So, what possessed you to buy six skeins?

    1. I actually bought ten! There are only 150 yards in each. They were in the bargain bin, and I thought, "Well, if I'm gonna buy some, I should buy enough to make something to wear..." so I used four for this and I've still got six left.