Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mixing Butter, Nuts, Hemp and Empathy

What do you get when you mix butter with a nut? Butternut, of course! And what if you mix hemp with empathy? Hempathy, naturally. And what happens when you put butternut and hempathy together?

Just plain beauty.

It was a struggle, but man, this scarf is worth it. It wasn't the pattern that was difficult, nor was the yarn any bother to work with. It was just me and my sloooowwwwww knitting for this one. I'm so glad I stuck it through and finished it, though, because it is truly something that makes me smile when I look at it.

I wish there were more bast fibre yarns out there. Cotton is great, but I really love to knit with linen and hemp, especially in the summer, and especially when I find it in such rich colours like this yarn. I think they would make excellent skirts and tops, with excellent drape and a nice, light texture on the skin. Apparently, linen doesn't fade, and both hemp and linen are extremely durable. I'm guessing that linen and hemp yarn is scarce because it's more difficult to create the yarn (it involves quite a bit of processing, I think) and it's not really in high demand.

And no, you can't smoke either of them. I know you were thinking it.

It's raining out today, and it's supposed to rain more tomorrow, so it's going to be kind of chilly out there. That just means I can wear this scarf asap. Score! Man, knitters must be the only people out there who can't wait for the cool weather to come back again.

And well, if you had this scarf, you'd be pining for the cool weather, too!


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Thank you! I'm wearing it today and have had lots of compliments on it already!