Saturday, May 5, 2012

Too Busy Shopping, I Mean, Daydreaming...

Looking for knitting on this blog, are you? Well, you won't find that sort of thing here... at least, not at the moment. My knitting mojo is on low these days. I've been plodding through my re-working of the scarf from my post last week, and it just seems to be getting nowhere. And when I say nowhere, I mean that it's growing excruciatingly slowly, peppered with errors that I can't be bothered to rip out. It'll get done... someday...

In the meantime, between work and exercise and chores and sleep, I've had other things to entertain me, like shopping daydreaming and shopping looking at vintage items online.

My interest in vintage items comes from a love of stories and an interest in recycling. I love knowing that I have an item that has had a past and is unique from the things you could get in ye olde shopping mall today. And every time I commit to actually purchasing one of these items, I almost always find them to be of superior quality than the stuff that gets cranked out of the likes of Walmart or the dollar store.

Take the following items I acquired this week, for example:

The bag is an old Samsonite carry-on bag that has the classic lock latch on the zipper. I got it from a seller on Etsy, and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was something unique. Check out the lock:

It's been drilled. As soon as I knew that, my imagination started running... Why was it drilled? Was it carrying some kind of contraband? Was the person a spy? Did they get hauled out of the airport for illegal activity?

Of course, it could be just that the person lost the key, but that opens up a whole lot of other dreams... Where did that key go...?

And then, today at a charity shop, I found this:

I love enamel colanders, and I love this one especially because it's bright red and damage-free. This one is probably not a very old one, but durn, it's pretty. I had to clean some limescale off it, and it's mostly gone now.

So, what am I gonna do with these things?

I'm pretty sure I'll use the colander for cooking, but I'll have to clean it a bit more before then. I thought briefly about keeping it as a decorative piece, but I just don't think I could justify yet another decorative vintage piece. Every time I take it out of the cupboard to use it, it'll put a smile on my face.

And the bag? Well, it'll probably carry stuff. Big shocker there, huh? And you know what it could carry?

Maybe some KNITTING. Geez, I need to get my butt in gear and pick up some needles...

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