Monday, October 29, 2012

Inspiration Mondays: Flat Tire Reminders

There's nothing quite like a puncture in your tire to remind you of a few things:
  1. Sometimes, sh*t happens. There's nothing you can do about it, except to take it and move on.
  2. Knowing how to change your tire is important.
  3. Knowing who to get to change your tire for you is also important.
  4. People are better than you think they are.
I had a puncture in my tire last Friday. I arrived at work, and someone pointed out a strange hissing noise coming from my car. I walked around to the back and found that there was a fence staple sticking out of my tire, and it was deflating at an alarming rate. Shoot.

I went straight into the building and told the fellow who works at the shipping and receiving desk, "If someone tells you that I have a leak in my tire, tell them that I already know and that I'm working on it."

Off I went to my desk, where I promptly wolfed down some food (I hadn't had breakfast yet, and I knew I'd be even more grumpy with a flat tire and an empty stomach), then I called the hubby to tell him what had happened. I went back out to see if I could inflate the tire to get it to the tire repair shop, but it was no good: the more air I put in, the louder the hissing noise was, and the grumpier I got.

I went in and our shipping guy said, "I've had five people tell me you had a leak." I grunted, slightly annoyed. Yeah, I know! I thought to myself.

I got back to my desk and my office mate informed me that someone had called from the shop in the building to tell me I had a flat, and to offer compressed air for it. I grunted again, annoyed at the reminder of my stupid tire. Eventually, I got some friends to come and help me change it at lunch time (which means, they changed it while I watched), and by the afternoon, the tire was repaired and back on the car.

And then, as I recounted the event later on, my hubby said, "It was nice that people were so concerned about you to tell you about the tire."

Heh, actually yeah, it was nice of them. And if I hadn't been to fricking grumpy, I would have thanked them properly.

Sometimes, I forget to recognize the kindness that people are sending my way. I get so stuck in suspicion and cynicism that I completely miss the genuine concern that people have about my situations. And that's not fair. To live a life of gratitude is a far better way to live.

I have people in my life who constantly refuse help, and who have a hard time believing the good motives in the people who are trying to help them. To them I say:

People are getting involved in your situation because YOU ARE WORTH IT. You have shown kindness and compassion, and you deserve kindness and compassion in return. Do not give in to the suspicion that the world pushes onto us. You are not weak for accepting help. It requires far more strength to put aside cynicism and to accept that you are worth the effort. You are worth the work.

So, while it irritated the heck out of me to have a flat tire just before the weekend began, it was a good reminder that I am surrounded by good people who think I'm worth looking after. Thanks, y'all. I promise I'll pay it forward.


YarnKettle said...

Wow it looks like they salt the roads up there like they do here in NY.
It is nice to have people looking out for you but sometimes there can be too many cooks in the kitchen.

AdrieneJ said...

Yes, that's the problem. I appreciated the help, but man, there's such a thing as too much help!

Enoch Ross said...

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