Sunday, February 17, 2019

Topsy-Turvy Weather

Snow brings a special quality with it—the power to stop life as you know it dead in its tracks. --Nancy Hatch Woodward
When I wrote last week's post, I had no idea how much the weather would turn topsy-turvy. Our usual mild Vancouver Island climate seems to have gotten lost this year. Between major windstorms and power losses to our own version of "Snowmageddon," I think those of us who moved here to escape weather extremes are all feeling a bit miffed these days. At least it's pretty... if somewhat aggravating:

The rest of the country likes to make fun of how hard we find it when we get snow here, but even a prairie girl like me finds it really hard when it snows here. A fellow I know from Ontario explained it properly for me. He said, "It's just that 'snow' isn't the right word for this stuff." And he's right. It's like... gluey ice mush. It has its own properties, and it definitely has its own physics. For example, here how our archway has accumulated snow over the week. It started out amazingly delicate, so pretty that I was afraid of knocking it down before I could get a photo of it:

But by the middle of the week, I had no idea how it was hanging on there:

And then there are my lights. What utter witchcraft is at work with these things?

If someone can please explain how that last photo is even possible, I am all ears...

Meanwhile, the weather flipped yet again and we found ourselves in rain yesterday, which freaked me out a lot because all I could imagine was the death and destruction of folks slamming into each other on the ice. But today, the sun came out and twisted us all around again, and you would never have known there was even a hint of a storm that hit us, much less the three storms that sat down on us this week. There is still plenty of snow to melt around us, but you couldn't tell when you walked along the sea wall today:

Seymour enjoyed a lovely long walk today after having to trudge through a couple of feet of snow this week:

What a difference a few days make:

By the way: that cowl I'm wearing has become one of my favourites over the years. I made it a few years ago out of a laceweight alpaca/silk blend, and I have been so impressed with how well it has worn over the years after being packed from here to Winnipeg and beyond and survived many a washing. In fact, this winter has been the first where I've been able to wear a great many of my yarn creations daily, partly due to the crazy weather we've been having and partly to do with the fact that my workplace is the kind where folks open the door and walk in off the street all the time, bringing in all that lovely "fresh" air that requires a good sturdy layer of wool to keep you warm.

Speaking of: I have started a new sweater! Presenting *fanfare*...

Well, not very much *fanfare fail*...

It's early days yet, but that 4.5 inches of ribbing sure wasn't helping. Man, that was boring. I feel like I am knitting much faster now that I've gotten to the interesting part... except that I got nearly through half the first motif and realized I didn't like the way one of the twisted stitches was coming out. I've already let down a bunch of stitches and reknit a few things. At this rate, perhaps I won't be wearing this for a while...

We interrupt this blogpost bring you this important message: We must remind you of the dangers of happens when you talk about it being too late to finish a sweater. Please refrain from speaking of winter ending soon. The consequences cannot be predicted. And now, back to our regularly scheduled blogpost:

Sorry about that folks. I'll shut up now and get knitting. Have a great week!

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