Sunday, March 17, 2019

Farls, Scones, and a Choppy Haircut

Green is the prime colour of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises. --Pedro Calderon de la Barca
It's St. Patrick's Day today, which is the holiday I never know what to do with. It's not a public holiday, so I don't get a day off, and it's not a gift-giving day, so I don't have to panic about finding something suitable to give. And yet, I feel the need to at least try to celebrate it. The dryer ruined my favourite green sweater, so the best I could do was make a batch of soda farls, just like the kind we used to have when we lived in Belfast. They turned out pretty well. You're not supposed to brown the edges, but I always do because I'm always afraid the insides won't cook. They must have turned out ok because the hubby ate two for lunch. What's a farl? That's a farl:

And yeah, I looked it up: a farl is any kind of cake or flatbread cut into quarters. Maybe like a "fourth?" I dunno, I'm not Irish. I'm just trying to make up for my lack of green sweaters.

I found some dehydrated strawberries at Bulk Barn this week, so I decided to also make a batch of strawberry scones. By 8:30 this morning, the house smelled lovely:

I've been feeling under the weather recently, so I skipped the gym this morning and went out to enjoy the sunshine. We've been lucky enough to get some really nice warm days, but poor Seymour was overheating in his winter coat. Unfortunately, that means he had to endure the indignity of one of mommy's haircuts:

It's a bit choppy, but it'll do the job:

Poor wee naked pup:

Having a head cold on a spring day is disappointing in and of itself, but you know what else is disappointing? THIS is disappointing:

I'm so miffed because I'd just managed to finish the back of my current sweater when I dropped the needle and then promptly stepped on it. I do have another needle the same size, but I always feel jinxed when I switch needles in the middle of a project:

This is the first project where you knit the set-in sleeves from the top down, and I must say I'm feeling quite nervous about it. I sort of wish I'd gone rogue and ignored the instructions and done my own thing, but I think it's too late for that now. In for a penny, in for a pound, they say:

Speaking of pounds, I'm feeling heavy and bloated and crabby these days. It's a good thing the weather is improving because I think it might be time for more fresh thinking and less huddling under blankets with snacks... you know, spring cleaning and all that...

Just as soon as I get rid of this cold and eat this scone. Whatever... we'll get there. Happy Sunday!

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